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Frequently Asked Questions


What IS a TeachMeet?

A TeachMeet is an unconference. Consider the better aspects of the professional conferences you go to (connecting with others, sharing ideas, accessing new resources, strategies, and perspectives). Now think of the worst aspects of those conferences (forced participation, really bad Power Point, and lengthy lectures in front of packed audiences). TeachMeets retain the good and scrap the bad, providing plenty of room for each participant to have a choice and a voice in how things unfold. Even better? This professional development oppportunity is *free*.


The Western New York TeachMeet is a four hour event. During this time, all participants will have the opportunity to attend a variety of ten minute conversations based upon their own needs and interests and hosted by other willing participants. Topics might include promising instructional strategies, curriculum design, content-specific resources, assessment practices, leadership planning, professional development strategies, technology integration, compelling projects, action-research processes or findings, meaningful use of data, or service learning. Have a topic we haven't suggested that you know others might be interested in? Mention it! Please make sure that the conversation you plan to lead is based on the real work of real educators in real schools, and know that this isn't an opportunity to sell yourself, your products, or your organization. We'll be asking participants to report any sales-pitches they feel they may have received, so please keep this in mind if you plan to attend.


Do I Have to Present In Order to Come?

Of course not! In fact, no one will be formally presenting anything. Instead, those who are willing to lead a "session" will simply grab a table, pull up a chair, and share their story with a small audience of eager listeners for a few minutes. Laptops are welcome, PowerPoint is not, and because people get to vote with their feet, you'll know that those who choose to drop in on your chat truly want to be there. Our TeachMeet sessions will look a little something like this:



Can I Contribute in Some Other Way?

Sure! We'd appreciate food and beverage donations, volunteers to podcast or capture some photographs of the event, live-bloggers, back-channel developers, people to help with publicity, and participants who are willing to lead shorter two minute sessions as well. Your attendance alone will be much-appreciated, as it will contribute to the success of this first event and pave the way toward future ones.


Who is Welcome to Attend?

Public, private, and charter school teachers, students, administrators, librarians, technology integrators, curriculum directors, school counselors, professional development providers, higher education faculty members, pre-service teachers, instructional coaches, parent-teacher group members, and school board representatives.


Will Refreshments be Served?

We are eager to receive food donations. You may indicate your willingness to bring something on the registration form. We have also approached various food vendors to secure sponsorship for this event. A variety of snack and beverage machines are available on site.


Will Free Wireless Access be Provided?



How Do I Sign Up for a Session or Request That a Particular Topic be Addressed?

You'll be prompted for this information on the registration form, and we will make every effort to address your requests and accomodate your desire to lead conversations as well.


Who is in Charge of This Event?

The planning team evolved out of a conversation that began during the winter of 2008 between a handful of local educators on Twitter who were inspired by all of these folks. This event has taken shape as a result of the team's cooperative efforts and will evolve as result of every participant's contribution. No one person or organization is "in charge" of the WNY TeachMeet. If you have questions on the day of the event, please feel free to approach Gene or Annemarie Gordon, Angela Stockman, Mike Fisher, Theresa Gray, or Leslie Good. They will be introduced at the start of the event. You may also email questions to nytmeet@gmail.com.


Can I Get Professional Development Credit for Participating?

Everyone who attends TeachMeet will receive a certificate of completion. You may earn professional development credit at the discretion of your school administrators.


Where is the WNY TeachMeet Being Held?

In the cafe on the grounds of Genessee Community College's Batavia Campus, adjacent to the Student Union and Campus Store. You may find driving directions right here. Once you have arrived on campus, enter through this door and follow the posted signs to find the cafe area:





What Does it Cost to Attend?



Can I Bring My Own Children?

Child care will not be available.


What If I Have Questions That Aren't Answered Here?

Please send them to nytmeet@gmail.com



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